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    Floating Hardwood Floors Can Save You Time and Money

    Hardwood flooring can be installed in virtually any room of your home. The natural beauty of hardwood floors is hard to beat – this type of flooring is a perfect addition to your household, no matter which rooms you’ll be re-doing. Whether you’re installing a hardwood floor in your bedroom, bathroom, or throughout your home, […] Read More

    Spring Cleaning for Wood Floors – Advantages of Sanding and Refinishing

    Spring is in the air! Are you considering doing some work to your wood floors? Now is a great time to do so. So, as you’re compiling your spring cleaning checklist, don’t forget to add your flooring to the list! Not convinced? Check out the advantages of floor sanding and refinishing. But first, what IS […] Read More

    How Can I Replicate Hardwood Without Paying a High Price Tag?

    We know how important it is to our Dallas and North Dallas clients to have a home they’re proud of and that they look forward to showing off to family and friends. That’s why your flooring choice is so crucial. It’s the foundation and the follow-through element that flows throughout your entire home. And while […] Read More

    Helpful Tips on Hardwood Flooring

    As hardwood flooring becomes an increasingly popular option for many Dallas and North Dallas homeowners, it’s important to know what you’re getting into. In this article, D&R Floors looks at some helpful tips on hardwood flooring. Lay Your Floors for Strength For aesthetic reasons, many Dallas homeowners choose to install their hardwood floorboards lengthwise across their […] Read More

    How Does Moisture Affect Your Hardwood Flooring?

    If you have hardwood flooring, one of the most important issues to concern yourself with is the issue of humidity in your home. It’s no secret that moisture can negatively affect your flooring, so being aware of humidity and air moisture can make all the difference in prolonging the life of your flooring. Let’s discuss how […] Read More

    5 Tips for Preventing Wood Floor Gaps

    A common problem that homeowners face in the winter months with their wood flooring is a sort of “shrinking” problem. This is when gaps are created between the wooden beams of your flooring because moisture is lacking, causing the wood to shrink. This, however, doesn’t have to occur in your home. Here are some tips […] Read More

    5 Myths about Laminate Floors

    At D&R Floors, we feel it’s important to answer all of our clients’ questions up front, that way they feel comfortable with their decision. If our customers are considering laminate flooring, they always ask the same questions. Because of this, we’re going to set the record straight and debunk some laminate myths. Five Common Myths […] Read More

    To Fix or Replace Your Floor? Here’s How to Know

    If you have a repair that needs to be completed on your floor, but your floor is a bit old, you may want to consider replacing it. But how do you know it is time for a fresh new floor? There are few key things you need to look out for and consider when determining whether your […] Read More

    How to Prevent Your Floor from Sinking

    There is nothing more irritating than finding a sinking spot on your flooring. This particularly occurs with laminate flooring, which is a floating type of flooring. When you walk across a floor that is sinking, you will notice a certain “squishy” feeling that is quite unnerving. There are some easy ways to prevent your floor from […] Read More

    Tips for Fixing a Squeaky Floor

    There is nothing more annoying than a squeaky floor. While it may alert you to a teenager sneaking in the house past bedtime, they are not very beneficial. Squeaky floors are caused by lumber drying out and shrinking. When the boards shrink, they rub together causing the audible squeaking. You don’t have to endure the […] Read More

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