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    Tips for Fixing a Squeaky Floor

    loud-noisesThere is nothing more annoying than a squeaky floor. While it may alert you to a teenager sneaking in the house past bedtime, they are not very beneficial. Squeaky floors are caused by lumber drying out and shrinking. When the boards shrink, they rub together causing the audible squeaking. You don’t have to endure the annoyance of a noisy floor anymore! Follow these simple steps to fix that squeak once and for all.

    Go Down Under

    If the floor is above a crawlspace or basement, it is easier to make repairs by getting under it. Have someone walk on the floor while you are below so you can see where exactly the squeaky culprit is. Take a thin wood shim and coat it with glue. Tap the shim in the space between the joist and the subfloor. Don’t tap it too hard or press too forcefully, as you may raise the floor making it uneven. As a shim alternative, there is a device made especially for squeaky floors. Look at your local hardware store for the Squeak-Ender. It is a threaded rod with a flat mounting place and bracket. Follow instructions and you will quickly be on your way to a quiet wood floor!

    Work on Top

    If you cannot access the floor joists below, then you have to repair your floor from above. This can be tricky, as it is easy to damage the finish of your floor. However, there are some easy options such as a Squeeeeeek-No-More Kit which retails for about $30. It is great for carpeted floors and can be laid over a wood subfloor. If you have a hardwood floor, invest in the Counter-Snap Kit that is an easy and quick way to stop squeaky hardwood floors.

    For more information about fixing a squeaky floor, or if it is time to invest in new flooring, contact D&R Flooring today! Dial 972-625-4100 to speak with our flooring experts. 

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