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    How Does Moisture Affect Your Hardwood Flooring?

    Hardwood Flooring Moisture EffectIf you have hardwood flooring, one of the most important issues to concern yourself with is the issue of humidity in your home. It’s no secret that moisture can negatively affect your flooring, so being aware of humidity and air moisture can make all the difference in prolonging the life of your flooring. Let’s discuss how moisture affects your hardwood flooring and how to prevent this from happening.

    Moisture’s Effect and How to Prevent the Damage

    In hardwood, moisture in the air creates a sort of expanding effect. With wood planks, moisture allows them to expand and so in the wintertime when the moisture is gone, they shrink and crack. This process of shrinking and expanding can cause the wood to wear out so much more quickly.

    As well, wood planks can cup or buckle. This means that the entering and leaving of humid air can cause the wooden beams to bend. They should flatten back out when the moisture exits, but this does significant wear and tear on the beams themselves.

    There are some ways to combat these issues. The most common way is to prevent humidity in the air from entering your home. This can involve a dehumidifier. Another way to prevent this is to ensure that your duct work, windows, and doors are well-sealed. If the seal on these openings are tight, then the possibility of moisture entering your home is significantly reduced.

    Hardwood Flooring Needs the Right Care

    The team at D&R Floors has some tips and tricks for preventing moisture from entering your home, as well as, some solutions if the damage is already done. Contact our team of trained professionals to assess your Dallas or North Dallas home’s hardwood, ensuring the long life of this gorgeous flooring. 972-625-4100.

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