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    Carpet Installation,dallas & collin county, txBest Carpet Installation Contractor in Dallas & Collin County, TX

    We Have Carpet Styles for Everyone

    Carpet floors from D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. can add luxury to any home or business. Whether you’re interested in frieze, cut pile carpeting, looped Berber, or any other type of carpeting, we have what you’re looking for. Best of all, we carry only top name brands, meaning our carpets are only first run quality.

    All of our carpet installation services are completed by trained estimators and experienced installers. When you have our team install your carpet flooring, you only get the best in service and products.

    We Bring the Showroom to You

    Because we value your time, we also offer free in-home estimates with no obligation. When you contact us, we’ll send an estimator to your home to show you all of our carpet options. Our customers find that actually seeing our products in their own homes makes it easier to find the right fit, and we never use pressure tactics to sell our flooring. Our estimators are not commissioned salespeople—they are flooring experts who genuinely care about beautifying your home or business with the right flooring solution.

    Benefits of Carpet Flooring

    • Offers soft, warm comfort
    • Creates insulation
    • Soundproofs rooms
    • Easy to maintain
    • Stain-resistant options available
    • Many styles to choose from

    Carpet Flooring Pros and Cons

    Choosing whether or not to get carpet flooring in your home can be difficult. There are many pros and cons to choosing carpet flooring over another type like hardwood or tile.

    The Pros

    Carpet flooring can be safer and more comfortable if you have small children who may be crawling and learning to walk on your floor. Carpet can also help your home to feel warmer if you live in a colder climate, saving you heating and energy use costs. Carpet can also help individuals with allergies by trapping dust and other allergens in its fibers.

    The Cons

    While there are many benefits to carpeting, this flooring option has it’s own drawbacks as well. Carpet may be warmer and more comfortable, but it is often much harder to clean. You may even have to hire and pay professional carpet cleaners to remove more difficult stains. Dander and dust may hide in carpet, aggravating someone with sensitive sinuses.

    If you are wondering if carpeting is the right option for you, call an expert from D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. to assist you. We can match you with the perfect flooring for your home or business.

    Repair & Maintenance Services

    We also offer flooring repair and maintenance services for all of the floors we install. We understand flooring inside and out, so no matter what type of problem you encounter, we’re ready to assist you.

    Carpet Flooring Installation

    Are you considering installing new carpet in your home? Great choice! Carpet flooring is a fabulous investment, and the perfect way to spruce up your home. Several different factors can affect both the price of your carpet flooring installation and the length of time it takes to complete. These factors include the size of your room, the necessary labor, and any furniture or old flooring that needs to be removed. Most homeowners pay somewhere between $700 and $2500 for a carpet flooring installation. Again, this figure varies widely.

    Would you like to speak to a flooring professional about your carpet flooring installation? Contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions, Inc., to learn more about our services.

    Carpet Flooring Cost in Dallas

    Carpet is priced by the square foot or square yard; average carpet prices begin at $2 per square foot. This figure increases with the style and quality of your carpet. For instance, most middle-of-the-road-quality carpet ranges from $3 to $5 per square foot. High-quality carpet, on the other hand, usually costs over $5 per square foot. Of course, it’s always best to speak with a professional flooring expert to receive an accurate cost estimate.

    Do you have further questions about your carpet flooring cost? Contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions, Inc., to speak to one of our flooring professionals in the Dallas area.

    Commercial Carpet Flooring

    D&R Floors and Home Solutions is the region’s leading commercial carpeting company. We design each floor to be experienced, with your customers and employees in mind. No one wants an uneven surface or uncomfortable floor in their company. It’s enough to turn away potential customers. Your business deserves better, and that’s what we intend to deliver.

    We believe that the key to successful commercial carpet flooring is a focus on customer satisfaction. If you have a goal in mind, just tell us. We’ll work with you to achieve flooring that fits your needs. Once we have a clear plan, we can promptly get the job done. We know you cannot afford to shut down for extended periods of time. That’s why our experienced flooring specialists will work tirelessly to get things done on time and within your budget. That’s the kind of service you can expect every day from D&R Floors and Home Solutions.


    Financing Available

    D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. also knows that you want your carpet installation as soon as possible, so we offer convenient financing options that can have you enjoying your new carpeting sooner than you think. We work hard to find solutions that fit our customers’ unique needs because we believe everyone deserves the flooring of their dreams.

    Other Flooring Options

    Whether you want the best in carpeting for your home or business, or you want to replace the old carpeting in an investment property, we can help. Contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. today by calling 972-625-4100

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