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    Exterior Painting Services Dallas, TX

    exterior painting services dallas, txExterior and interior painting share quite a few details and characteristics. However, the paints themselves differ greatly from each other. When it comes to exterior home painting services, binders and additives in outdoor paint are often designed to resist the weather and other elements. Indoor paint, on the other hand, will not stand up against the test of time and weather.

    Before any professional exterior home paint job begins, one must consider the façade of the home. When painting a flat surface, like siding or wood, standard outdoor paint can often be used. A textured surface, such as stucco or brick, must be painted with “elastomeric” paint. Our professional painting team knows the difference and when to use each particular paint.

    House Exterior Painting Tips

    The fastest, most efficient way to apply an exterior paint is by using a brush and a roller. To begin, brush paint onto the small surfaces, edges, and smaller areas using a smaller brush. For large areas, use a small-diameter roller. A roller is also perfect for siding and trim.

    Exterior Painting Checklist

    When it comes to exterior home painting, our professional team runs through a comprehensive checklist to ensure nothing was left behind or forgotten. To start, they must perform a thorough walkthrough or inspection of the exterior of the house. Next, you will choose a color and brand of paint. We often use pressure washing before the painting begins to ensure dirt, mold, or mildew are removed.

    Our professional team at D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. knows how to handle every step of the painting process efficiently. You can sit back and relax.

    Advantages of Exterior Painting

    Purchasing a home brings a sense of pride. It’s a unique way to let your personality shine through. And painting helps even further. Consider your exterior walls as a blank canvas. Naturally, we all want to show off a little artistic expression. Bright, vibrant coloring makes a home appear fun. There are some unexpected perks of exterior painting, though.

    • Prevents termite damage – Painting and staining seals exposed areas prone to damage from termites and other pests.
    • Protects homes from winter weather – A protective coat of paint adds another barrier between your resident and winter weather.
    • Extended siding lifespan – Vinyl siding is supposed to last for 50 years. However, wear and tear may reduce that lifetime by 50 percent. Painting ensures siding appears fresh, extends lifespan, and saves you money on a regular basis.

    The advantages are pretty clear-cut. You’ve already invested time and money into your home, now consider the exterior.

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    For the very best exterior home painting services, contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. to get the job done right the first time. Give us a call today at 972-625-4100.

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