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    How to Prevent Your Floor from Sinking

    Flooring SinkingThere is nothing more irritating than finding a sinking spot on your flooring. This particularly occurs with laminate flooring, which is a floating type of flooring. When you walk across a floor that is sinking, you will notice a certain “squishy” feeling that is quite unnerving. There are some easy ways to prevent your floor from sinking further.

    Check Spacing

    Spacing is key with flooring, particularly laminates. When flooring comes into contact with a wall, the floor can begin to push against another stationary point, which causes a pillowing effect. Too much space and your floor can begin to sink. Finding that perfect spacing is key to a solid and even floor.

    Check Heavy Furniture

    Sometimes heavy furniture will act as an anchor, no allowing the floor to move properly. See if your heavy furniture, such as a couch, or heavy table is on a bubble or preventing your floor from being spaced properly.

    Subfloor Joists

    Before you install your new flooring, you always want to check the subfloor for deflection. This is particularly true if you are moving from carpet to hardwood. An experienced contractor would be able to check everything to make sure it is good to go. If there is significant movement, you may need to hire a professional to repair the joists.

    Need a Lift?

    Sometimes when you have existing sinking, you will need to lift your floor. This can be complicated and you will need the help of an experienced flooring contractor to accomplish a lift. You may need a possible replacement of plywood of the subfloor as well as a lift from below. Talk to a professional to see the best options available for you.

    If your floor is sinking and you need the assistance of a knowledgeable flooring contractor, contact D&R Flooring today. Give us a call at 972-625-4100 to schedule your consultation with our experienced team.

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