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    What to Know When Getting Laminate Flooring Installed

    Laminate flooring installation in Dallas

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    As a durable and affordable material, laminate flooring is a popular option in homes across the Dallas-Fort Worth area. The quality of the material and design selection has greatly improved over the years, making it a viable alternative to wood flooring. But before you get started, take a look at our recommendations for getting laminate flooring installed.

    Factors to Consider When Getting Laminate Flooring Installed

    Have You Considered Foot Traffic?

    Laminate flooring in busy areas could show dirt and scuff marks. To avoid the need to constantly clean the floor, you could opt for a high-quality laminate in a darker color.

    What Is the Plan for Underlayment?

    Underlayment is important for preventing bends in the laminate and providing insulation to a room. There are, however, different options for underlayment depending on individual requirements. Professional installers will recommend the right underlayment based on the laminate and subfloor in a room.

    Is the Floor Even?

    A common issue with DIY installations is working with an uneven floor. An uneven floor causes increased wear and tear and can spoil the appearance of the laminate. Make sure the floor is leveled and prepared before you begin an installation.

    What Mood Are You Trying to Create?

    Different colors and styles of laminate flooring can change the mood of a room. For example, a lighter color often brightens the room and makes it feel bigger. One difference between laminate and hardwood floors is the premium feel of high-quality wood. Therefore, you could choose hardwood for a master bedroom and laminate throughout the rest of the house.

    Have You Thought About Baseboards?

    If you don’t have experience with floor installation, baseboards can be a challenge. DIY installations can often look messy when edges are cut unevenly when you try to avoid removing and reinstalling the baseboards over the new floor. For the best quality work, consider using an expert for your laminate installation.

    Are the Floor Measurements Precise?

    Underestimating the amount of flooring required is another mistake commonly made when homeowners do their own flooring installations. To avoid having to unexpectedly stop the installation before the task is completed, it is important to make sure floor measurements are precise and you have planned ahead for the inevitable challenges you’ll face. A professional installer can manage this process for you.

    Have You Accounted for Expansion and Contraction?

    Large areas of your home or commercial flooring spaces can experience buckling as the floor expands and contracts. To avoid this issue, you will need to use expansion joints. Spacers will also be required for borders, pipes, door frames and other objects. A professional laminate floor installer will ensure planks are laid safely without exposing any edges.

    Expert Flooring Installation in Dallas-Fort Worth

    If you need help with laminate, hardwood, tile and other types of flooring, D&R Floors and Home Solutions offers a wide selection of materials. For any questions about flooring and installation in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, contact us today. Call (972) 625-4100 or request a free quote online.

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