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    5 Tips for Preventing Wood Floor Gaps

    Preventing Wood Floor GapsA common problem that homeowners face in the winter months with their wood flooring is a sort of “shrinking” problem. This is when gaps are created between the wooden beams of your flooring because moisture is lacking, causing the wood to shrink. This, however, doesn’t have to occur in your home. Here are some tips from the qualified pros at D&R Floors for preventing those wood floor gaps.

    Tips and Tricks

    1. Make sure to reduce the ventilation inside your home during the wintertime. You see, as the weather becomes colder, moisture levels in the air tend to drop. If you limit what outside air is coming into your home, you’re proactively preventing moisture from leaving the area.

    2. Get a humidifier for your home. These can make a world of difference. With a humidifier, you’re able to replicate the humidity levels in your home year-round, preventing that shrinking.

    3. A hygrometer is a tech lover’s dream and helps prevent the gap problem. It shows what level of moisture you have in your home. Knowing this can help you do your part to bring moisture back in. They say “Knowledge is Power,” right?

    4. On that same note, you can also educate yourself of this problem before you ever purchase wood flooring. In educating yourself, you can now make an informed decision: do you want hardwood flooring or do you want an alternative, such as laminate?

    5. Call the pros to assess your situation. A flooring team can determine what factors in your home can be adjusted to preserve the flooring you have or the flooring you’re looking at getting. Ensuring that your home has moisture in the air helps prevent those wood floor gaps from occurring.

    Who to Call?

    It’s a pretty easy decision to call the team at D&R Floors. We want to help you take care of your flooring – whatever kind it is – to the best of our abilities. With our qualified team, you’re able to get a long life out of your flooring and prevent gapping. Call us now: 972-625-4100.

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