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    Re-Tile Shower Service in Dallas, TX

    Re-Tile Shower Service Dallas, TxBroken shower tile allows excess moisture to seep in below the surface; this can potentially cause severe damage to your home and bathroom. To avoid this, you should fix broken shower tile as soon as you notice it. As experienced technicians, we at D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. understand that the task at hand may require more than simply pulling the broken tile and laying new material. For the best chance of successful re-tile shower service, you should perform a regular inspection of the tiling in your bathroom, and replace a single crack before the problem worsens.

    Re-Tile Shower Floor

    Re-tile shower service is a bit like surgery on your bathroom. Experienced technicians need to dig out the grout surrounding the broken tiles and pry up the material without damaging any more tiles in the process. The backer underneath must then be repaired, and waterproof membrane needs to be set before new tile and grout can be laid.

    The most important step of the process, however, is finding matching tiles for the shower. If no additional tiles are lying around the house, it may be difficult to locate tiles of the right size and thickness – especially if they are old tiles.

    Re-Tile Shower Cost

    As with any home repair project, the price for re-tile shower service can vary significantly. The tile, the size of the bathroom, the waterproof membrane, the grout, and the time frame all come into play when calculating the total cost. Before any work begins, our experienced technicians will offer a complete quote of our affordable services. We strive to stick within homeowners’ budgets, ensuring the highest quality of service for the right price.

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    For more information on retiling a shower, contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. by calling 972-625-4100. Our friendly customer representatives are standing by to assist you today!

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