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    5 Myths about Laminate Floors

    Laminate FloorsAt D&R Floors, we feel it’s important to answer all of our clients’ questions up front, that way they feel comfortable with their decision. If our customers are considering laminate flooring, they always ask the same questions. Because of this, we’re going to set the record straight and debunk some laminate myths.

    Five Common Myths of Laminate Floors

    Myth 1: Laminate flooring only imitates hardwood floors. This is false! Luckily, laminate has come a long way. So, if you want your flooring to look like tile – at a significantly cheaper price point – you can still use laminate!

    Myth 2: Laminate flooring is toxic to the things you cook and eat in your kitchen. Luckily, this is far from true. In fact, laminate serves to be the opposite of that. With hardwood, sometimes the sealant or stain on the wood causes allergies to flare up. But with laminate, there is no potential for a toxin to pollute the air of your home. The sealant cover on the laminate is not done within the home but is completed during manufacturing.

    Myth 3: Laminate is new on the market, so it still has a long way to go in development. Not accurate! Laminate was actually developed in the 1980s, which means it’s had plenty of time to become a stronger product. For example, laminate now has four layers of strength in each panel. Whereas, in the beginning, you might not have had that kind of durability built in.

    Myth 4: Laminate is flimsy and is easily damaged. Nope! Like we just mentioned, it has four layers built into each panel that is laid down: a base backing layer, a substrate layer, a pattern layer, and a top wear-and-tear layer. This kind of reinforcement makes laminate a sturdy piece of flooring.

    Myth 5: Laminate flooring should be cleaned like the hardwood or tile it’s modeled after. This is not true, so do not try this at home! In fact, cleaning laminate is easier. It doesn’t require that hefty and messy mop and bucket. Instead, it can require just a light vacuuming and/or a sponge mop.

    In Debunking These Myths, the Choice Becomes Simple

    In disproving the common misconceptions that customers have, it usually sells them on the product. Not only is it sturdier that the floors it models after, but it’s also safer and easier to keep clean!

    Consider laminate flooring with D&R Floors, Inc. today! Call 972-625-4100 to receive a free home estimate.

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