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    Is It Time to Remodel or Update Your Home?

    Remodeling your home is the perfect way to improve your living space without breaking the bank. A new kitchen, new flooring, or even just a fresh coat of paint for your DFW home will be enough to change the mood. Any home can become “worn” over time, and styles eventually go out of fashion. Updating […] Read More

    5 Ways to Freshen Up the Look of Your Plano Home

    As we move into the summer and fall months, you may be thinking about freshening up the look of your Plano home. The look of a living space can play a major role in the mood of its residents. It can help to remove stress and also be a comfortable, inviting space for guests. You […] Read More

    Simple Upgrades to Do Around Your Home in DFW Ahead of the Holidays

    You’re a homeowner now. You come home each day, unlock the door, and are immediately greeted by an entire home that is completely yours. Now, with the thrill of buying a home behind you, you are looking to the future. There are plenty of cost-effective upgrades homeowners can complete to increase the value of the […] Read More

    How to Prep Your Home for an Interior Paint Job

    Paying for a professional paint job is an excellent way to make your house feel new and vibrant with a minimal amount of effort. However, before the painters show up to add a coat of fresh color, it’s important to prepare your house and wallet for the upcoming changes. Here are the top three steps […] Read More

    Cheap Cabinet Painting Ideas for Budget Remodeling

    There are plenty of ways to give your cabinets a fresh look, without breaking the bank. In the era of DIY home improvement projects, there are tons of cheap cabinet painting ideas out there. We’ve provided a few of our favorites here…get ready to get the kitchen you need and deserve! Use neutral colors. Whatever […] Read More

    The Benefits of Using Bamboo Countertops

    When it comes to selecting the right material for your countertop, the possibilities are seemingly endless – there are a ton of materials out there! But, one of the best countertop options is undeniably: bamboo countertops. Bamboo countertops are all the rage right now, and for good reason: they’re truly a unique, sleek, eco-friendly choice. […] Read More

    Things You Need to Know for Professional Laminate Floor Installation

    If you are interested in having laminate flooring installed in your Dallas home, there are a few things you should know. The experienced professionals at D&R Floors explain who you need to know before having your laminate flooring professional installed. Laminate Flooring Is on the Rise Laminate flooring installation is a popular option among many […] Read More

    The Importance of a Showroom When It Comes to Choosing a Flooring Company

    You might think a showroom at a flooring company is standard procedure, and all companies will have a place to display their products to potential customers. However, that is not always the case. In fact, you’ll find some flooring companies won’t even have a showroom area; they’ve just got pamphlets. This is far from beneficial […] Read More

    Top Summer Day Trips around Dallas

    Dallas is a great place to live, work, and play. Although there is so much to do, it can be difficult to find creative ways to spend the day during the sweltering summer. However, you can stay cool and find some unique and memorable ways to spend the day. D&R Flooring not only provides Dallas with […] Read More

    A New Year, A New Floor

    The new year is a perfect time to start remodeling your home, and nothing changes the character of a room like the flooring. If you are looking for a fresh start, look down. Your floor can change the aesthetics of a room, brighten the atmosphere of your house, or add sophistication to a bland area. Ideas […] Read More

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