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    How to Prep Your Home for an Interior Paint Job

    Paying for a professional paint job is an excellent way to make your house feel new and vibrant with a minimal amount of effort. However, before the painters show up to add a coat of fresh color, it’s important to prepare your house and wallet for the upcoming changes.

    Here are the top three steps you need to take during the preparation process before painting.

    1. Make Sure You’re 100 Percent Committed to the New Color

    It’s always a good idea to test multiple colors on a large swath of your wall before committing to a brand new color. After all, you don’t want to pay a handful of painters to change the color, only to realize you’re not a fan of Mustard Yellow. Head to the paint store for some samples, then play around with several shades before contacting the professional painters.

    1. Come Up With an Accurate Budget

    Because you’re bringing in professionals to complete the paint job, you’ll spend more on the process than if you took it on as a DIY project. Don’t worry – it will be worth it. In general, homeowners spend between $300 and $800 on each room, depending on their size and the number of walls. Do some calculations based on your home’s dimensions to come up with a thorough budget. That way, your wallet won’t be surprised by the final cost of the paint job.

    1. Remove Valuable or Breakable Items From the Area

    Although most painters will try to be very careful and cover up all of your furniture, you might want to be extra cautious and remove any fragile items from the area being painted. This will decrease the risk of broken belongings and make the prep process easier for the painters.

    To schedule a professional paint job in the DFW area, contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions. Their trained paint and flooring experts will help you take your house to the next level. Learn more about their services and paint options by calling 972-625-4100 today.

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