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    The Importance of a Showroom When It Comes to Choosing a Flooring Company

    Flooring CompanyYou might think a showroom at a flooring company is standard procedure, and all companies will have a place to display their products to potential customers. However, that is not always the case. In fact, you’ll find some flooring companies won’t even have a showroom area; they’ve just got pamphlets. This is far from beneficial when it comes to helping the client make a decision.

    Textures and Styles

    When a showroom is present – whether it’s brought to you at your home consultation or if it’s at the retailer’s store – it serves two purposes. It gives the viewer a sense of the texture of the product they’re considering, as well as a full grasp of the aesthetic style of the product. Sure, without a showroom, you can just as easily present the patterns and laminate options to a customer. With a showroom though, you can express what the printed page cannot express. You can give them the chance to touch the product and really help them get a sense of how it will look in their own home.

    The Importance of The Showroom

    Having the showroom can do several things. It gives the client a perfect and realistic example of the product they’re purchasing, it gives the flooring company a certain credibility and validity above all the rest, and finally, it shows this company is willing to put in the cost upfront – the cost it takes to build a showroom – to ensure they make a quality sale. You the consumer can get exactly what you want because the company you chose is upfront with all of your choices.

    Come and check out the showroom at D&R Floors, or let us bring it to you. We care about the product you purchase; we want you to pick the flooring you’re comfortable with because you’ve chosen it out of all your options. Contact our team today! 972-625-4100

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