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    What’s the Best Way to Remove Stains From Hardwood Floors?

    Best Way to Remove Stains From Hardwood FloorsHardwood floors are known for being attractive, enduring, and stain-resistant. However, this doesn’t mean hardwood is impervious to all stains. Sadly, sometimes homeowners do unnecessary damage by taking the wrong cleaning approach. So, what’s the best way to remove stains from hardwood floors? At D & R Flooring, based on our experience installing and repairing hardwood floors, we recommend the following three steps.

    1. Keep on Top of Cleaning

    Many fluids only stain hardwood flooring if they soak through the surface of the wood. Keeping paper towels on hand will make catching spills before they become stains easier. Some substances, such as wine, may cause staining quickly, but wiping up spills early ensures the substance only stains the finish. Of course, homeowners who cannot keep a constant eye on their floors will still need to know what’s the best way to remove stains from hardwood floors.

    2. Try Treatments for Finish Stains First

    It can be difficult to tell initially whether a stain has affected the finish or deeper levels of the flooring. Homeowners can most easily check by trying the cleaning agent that would work for a surface stain. Some effective agents for common stains are:

    • Water, which removes ink, blood, and certain food stains
    • White vinegar, which removes wine stains
    • Detergent and water, which removes liquor stains, nail polish, and lipstick
    • Diluted bleach, which removes stains from dyes

    If these measures are not effective, the stain has likely soaked below the finish.

    3. Dealing With Deeper Stains

    For deeper stains, what’s the best way to remove stains from hardwood floors? Unfortunately, homeowners will need to start by sanding the finish off the floor. After doing this, they can treat the stain with a bleach cleaning solution. After the unwanted stain has been removed, the wood may need to be stained again before new finish can be applied.

    Refinishing is one of the hardwood floor repair services we offer at D & R Flooring. We encourage homeowners considering deep cleaning to contact us at 972-625-4100. We’re happy to answer cleaning questions and provide advice on ways to keep floors looking as new and beautiful as possible.

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