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    What’s Involved in Installing & Maintaining Laminate Flooring

    Dallas laminate flooring installation and maintenance.

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    Laminate flooring is a popular choice for homeowners in Dallas. Tiles can be found in a wide range of styles, allowing you to alter the look of a room to suit your mood. When you choose laminate flooring, you benefit from an affordable product that is very adaptable and easy to clean. After choosing the right color and style of laminate, you probably want to know how it is installed and maintained on an ongoing basis.

    The Laminate Flooring Installation Process

    • Inspect the floor – The floor needs to be even before installing laminate flooring. It also must be checked for the existence of excess moisture.
    • Take measurements – Taking accurate measurements of the room before the flooring is laid will avoid many unwanted issues at installation time.
    • Acclimate the flooring – Before installation, flooring must match the temperature and humidity level of the room. Every product has its own recommendations, but it could take up to 72 hours. Ignoring this step can cause buckling and other issues.
    • Underlay installation – First, an underlay needs to be installed. The underlay can vary based on the subfloor in the room.
    • Laying the laminate flooring – Finally, the laminate installation professional will install or lay the flooring.

    For anyone without experience, the installation process can be tricky and result in needless frustration. This is why working with professionals is the answer – it ensures you get a first-class job without long delays. We have a proven system for laying the flooring, using spacers and precise cutting to provide a flawless finish.

    The Easy Approach to Maintaining Laminate Flooring

    There are many benefits to having laminate flooring installed. And after the installation, it needs to be properly maintained. Because water can damage some laminates, avoid cleaning with a wet mop. Various cleaning solutions for removing stains and marks are available. When cleaning your laminate floor, apply the cleaning solution to a cloth, do not spray it directly onto the surface. You should sweep regularly and use a vacuum cleaner with the appropriate “hard floor” mode.

    While laminate flooring is durable, try to avoid scratching the surface by accident. For instance, a welcome mat could accumulate pebbles, grit or dirt that could mark the flooring. Felt pads offer protection from furniture marks. Simply place the pads under table legs and other heavy furniture, lamps with metal bases, etc.

    Properly maintaining your laminate flooring does involve a different approach than other flooring choices. But since laminate flooring is tough and difficult to mark, it is an excellent flooring choice for both home and commercial flooring. Once the flooring has been installed, a minimal amount of upkeep is required to keep it in great shape.

    Trust Us With Your Laminate Flooring Installation

    D&R Floors and Home Solutions has vast experience in installing laminate flooring. We offer a range of high-quality products and can install them at an affordable cost. We pride ourselves on our high standards, and are waiting to discuss your plans. Serving Dallas, Collin and Denton counties, you can call us today at 972-625-4100.

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