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    DFW Area Pros Share Tips & Tricks to Properly Clean and Protect Hardwood Floors

    D&R Floors and Home Solutions share the top tips and tricks for cleaning and protecting hardwood floors.
    By Andrey_Popov

    Hardwood floors can add a beautiful touch to any room in your home. Hardwood flooring is also durable and long lasting, making it the perfect choice for anyone who wants to raise the value of their home. But hardwood floors also require a lot of care, and homeowners may not know the best ways to properly clean and protect their hardwood floors.

    If you want to know the best tips for cleaning your hardwood floors, the experts at D&R Floors and Home Solutions have you covered.

    Preventative Measures for Keeping Hardwood Floors Clean

    If your hardwood floors are in a high-traffic area of your home, they’re probably prone to repetitive dirt, grime and spills. The best way to keep your hardwood floors clean is to use smart, preventative measures. This not only helps protect your hardwood floors, but it also cuts down on the time you’ll spend cleaning.

    • Floor mats. Place floor mats outside and inside all exterior doors that lead to your hardwood floors. This will lessen the amount of tracked-in dirt and other grime from outside.
    • Shoe removal area. Near the doors, set up a shoe and boot removal area to avoid damaging the floors, especially if it’s snowing or raining outside. Something as simple as a small bench would work!
    • Floor protectors and rugs. In order to prevent marks and damage to your floors from heavy furniture, use floor protectors. This will help prevent dents or marks on your hardwood floors. Also rugs in play areas are a good idea as well to ensure that your child’s toys don’t scratch the floors.

    How to Clean Hardwood Floors

    In order to keep your floors in good condition, you’re going to need to do routine cleanings. How often you need to clean your floors will depend on the traffic your hardwood floors see.

    We recommend vacuuming and/or sweeping your hardwood floors regularly. Even if your floors don’t look dirty, fine particles of dust and dirt work like sandpaper and over time can wear down the floor’s finish. For vacuums, it’s best to use an attachment with a brush or felt surface that runs along the floor. Avoid attachments with a rotating brush since these can scratch the floor’s finish.

    To clean spills or other messes on your hardwood floors, be sure to use a damp mop. Dilute your wood floor cleaning product according to the label’s instructions. While mopping, it’s important that the mop is only damp and not exceedingly wet. Be careful to prevent any standing water on the floor since standing water can damage wood surfaces. You may want to use the ceiling fan or air conditioner to speed up drying.

    Hardwood Floor Experts in Dallas-Fort Worth

    If you need any hardwood flooring services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, you can rely on the experts at D&R Floors and Home Solutions. D&R Floors does hardwood floor installations, hardwood floor repairs and can even refinish the hardwood floors in your home.

    For the top-rated hardwood flooring services in Dallas, call D&R Floors and Home Solutions today at 972-625-4100.

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