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    How to Patch Holes in Drywall

    Drywall Repair Services Dallas, TXSometimes, no matter how careful we are, things happen to our walls. People bang into walls, accidents happen, etc. In the event that something happens to your drywall, it’s important to know how to patch holes. Don’t worry; this is a simple process, and anyone can do it. Here is our mini-guide to patching holes in your drywall:

    • STEP ONE: Gather Supplies. Before beginning your patch project, you’ll need to have the proper tools. These include: paper drywall tape, a cordless drill, scrap wood, drywall knives, and wallboard.
    • STEP TWO: Secure the Wallboard. Next, you’ll want to secure the wallboard in place! Cur a square patch of drywall that is larger than the hole you’re patching, and hold this to the wall. Then, trace around it so that you can cut a close match out of the wall.
    • STEP THREE: Patch it Up. Now, it’s time to patch things up! Place the scrap wood inside the hole, screw the drywall above and below the hole, and screw your drywall patch onto the wood.
    • STEP FOUR: Finish the Job. Simply finish the patch with tape and joint compound – then, you’re all done!

    Contact the Experts at D & R Floor Today

    If you have further questions about how to patch holes in your drywall, it’s time to contact D & R Floors. We’re the flooring experts that you can trust! In fact, for over 20 years, we’ve been serving the Dallas-Fort Worth community with high-quality, affordable flooring options, repair, and maintenance. Here at D & R, our team of skilled technicians is truly committed to helping you get the flooring you’ve always wanted – we’re experts in all things drywall. Call us today at 972-625-4100 to find out more, and to schedule your first consultation with us. We look forward to speaking with you!

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