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    Other Than Floors, What Can a Flooring Company Do?

    Kitchen FlooringWhen you’re considering a home renovation, you might be stressing out about how many contractors you have to call to do a certain job. In your kitchen for example, you might think you have to call a cabinet team, a flooring team, a countertop team, and so on. However, you can actually use a flooring company for multiple jobs, not just for laying down the floor. In this month’s blog post, we’ll enlighten you to what all D&R Floors can do when it comes to your home’s renovation.


    Whether in your kitchen or your bathroom, a flooring company can actually do countertops too. That means from the bottom up, a flooring company can both install the laminate flooring you want plus the granite countertops you’ve been dreaming of. Not all flooring companies can complete both jobs, but with the right skills and staff on hand, most flooring companies can tackle both tasks.


    In your kitchen or bath, a backsplash makes a huge decorative difference. This is also something that can be done by a flooring company, even though the job isn’t technically on the floor! The right flooring company should be skilled in working with all kinds of materials, and so adding a backsplash to an area of your home should be no issue for the right professionals.

    Combine the Work!

    Don’t call 20 various companies throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area to complete one room in your home. Contact D&R Floors first. We can assess your home, let you know what all we can tackle, and we can even refer you to other businesses in the area that can handle what our team can’t. It’s win-win. Make sure you call us first, because we’re more than just a flooring company. 972-625-4100.


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