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    How to Maintain Hardwood Floors During Winter

    Although you may have enjoyed getting some wintry weather here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, your hardwoods probably haven’t. Cold weather can wreak havoc on hardwood floors, especially if you aren’t caring for them properly. To prevent your floors from becoming weak or damaged during the winter months, here are some steps you can take.

    Keep Your Home at a Comfortable Temperature

    Frigid temperatures, as well as too much humidity, can cause your hardwood floors to shrink, split, or crack. In order to prevent this from happening, avoid turning your thermostat below 60 degrees and monitor how humid your home feels. Even if you go out of town, leave your house at a reasonable temperature so that your floors don’t incur damage that’s expensive to repair.

    Vacuum, Mop and Sweep Regularly  

    Wet weather means people tend to bring moisture, dirt, mud, and another nasty substances inside with them. The more you clean up moisture on your floors, the longer they’ll last. Also, make sure to clean up any dust or dirt particles regularly. This will help your floors stay scratch-free.

    Cover Your Floors in Rugs

    The easiest way to protect your expensive hardwood floors? Keep them covered up so they don’t get scratched, wet, or cold. It’s especially important to cover the areas where people track in the most debris, such as by the doors. The fewer harmful substances your floors come in contact with, the longer they’ll stay in tip-top shape.


    If you’ve already noticed damage to your hardwood floors, contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions. The company can send representatives out to any home in the DFW area to evaluate the extent of the problem, conduct repairs, offer advice, and teach you how to care for your hardwood floors. D&R Floors can also help with the installation of new wood, carpet, or tile if necessary. Call 972-625-4100 or visit to learn more today.  

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