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    How to Know if Tile Flooring is Right For Your Home

    Tile Flooring TipsDeciding what type of flooring to purchase can be more difficult and frustrating than you would expect. If you want a fashionable and durable flooring, tile may be the answer for you. Tile is both a functional and beautiful option for many homes and businesses. Below are just a few reasons why having a tile floor might be the perfect option for your home.


    Ceramic tiles are extremely durable. They do not use dyes for their color, therefore will not lose their luster or fade with sunlight, and if properly installed, will outlast any other flooring options. Tile is completely waterproof – which means child-proof, pet-proof, and party-proof. In areas where spills may be more of a hazard, tile flooring is much easier to clean and keep stain free. Bathrooms and hot-tub or pool areas are great for having tile floors not only for its waterproof capability, but tile can be textured as well to add extra grip to typically slippery surfaces.

    Staying Clean While Going Green

    Tile is easy to clean, doesn’t stain, and is nearly maintenance free. Its hard surface makes it inhospitable to dust mites and prevents mold and bacteria growth. Since tile was fired in a kiln at very high temperatures, there are no VOC emissions or off-gassing. Tile is considerably green in construction and its use contributes to green building certification programs. In addition to “going green,” you can “save green” too. Tile is the cheapest price per square foot than other permanent and long-time flooring options.

    Even with all these great qualities, tile comes in nearly every color and shape allowing you to be as creative as you want in designing the floor of your dreams.

    If you would like assistance in choosing the perfect tile for your home or business, contact D&R Flooring at 972-625-4100 for our Dallas and Collin County offices or 940-440-0100 for our surrounding North Texas locations. 

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