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    Have You Ever Wondered How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors?

    Fix Squeaky Hardwood FloorsIf you have a teenager, squeaky wood flooring may let you know if they’ve snuck in past curfew. Other than that, squeaky floors are just annoying. If you want to know how to fix squeaky hardwood floors, contact D & R Floors and give our simple tips a try.

    Simple Tips to Try

    First of all, you should identify which of the floorboards are squeaking. When you’ve found the culprit, sprinkle some baking soda or powdered graphite onto the noisy board and work it into the crevices and seams. Doing this should lubricate your wood floors and keep the boards from rubbing up against each other and squeaking.

    However, you may find that sprinkling some baking soda on your floors doesn’t entirely fix the squeaking problem. If you still don’t know how to fix squeaky hardwood floors and access the boards from under the flooring, identify the loose board causing the squeaking and secure it by using long wood screws. Just make sure that the screw isn’t so long that it protrudes from underneath and sticks up on the surface of your floors. Not only is that unsightly, it could actually cause a painful accident.

    New Floors May Be Your Solution

    If you’re still having trouble with how to fix squeaky hardwood floors after giving these methods a try, contact D & R Flooring by calling us at 972-625-4100. We can introduce you to different flooring solutions for your home that will get rid of the squeaky flooring problem once and for all.

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