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    Best Carpet & Hardwood Floor Installation Service Allen, TX

    carpet & hardwood floor installation service allen, txAre you searching for an expert flooring company? D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. proudly offers carpet and hardwood floor installation. D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. offers a huge variety of top designer, high-quality ceramic tile, carpet and hardwood floor options for Allen, TX. D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. is committed to providing the best quality service, installation, and products for our clients, at the most affordable prices in DFW.

    Carpet Installation Allen, TX

    If you need new floors, we are happy to assist you.  We provide installation options for nearly every purpose, decorating style, and budget. D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. offers personal attention catering to all the needs and expectations of our Allen clients.

    D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. will consult with you to understand your specific needs, measure the area, and give you an accurate quote. We offer unmatched, quality installation in Allen, TX at a reasonable price. We also offer a wide variety of repair work. From stretching to patching, we can repair most any carpet, or offer a solution to you.

    Hardwood Floor Installation Allen, TX

    Let us help you today. When it comes to natural beauty, it is hard to beat the look and warmth of real hardwood floors. We offer all types of hardwood floor installation in Allen, TX, both pre-finished and unfinished.We also refinish existing hardwood floors and stairs. When you need help, we can repair damaged hardwood floors. From traditional wood to a hand-scrapped customized finish or laminate flooring, we can provide you with top notch quality products you can enjoy for years to come. Because of our years of experience with Allen hardwood floor installation, and our focus on quality and customer satisfaction, you can be assured of our attention to detail. D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. uses the finest products available from manufacturers such as Bruce, Robins, and Anderson, just to name a few.

    Ceramic Tile Floor Installation

    Good news! We offer an extensive range of ceramic, marble, granite, slate, stone and porcelain-based tile flooring. D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. is able to bring the complete showroom to your doorstep while providing you with timely, personal attention from start to finish. Tile flooring is available in an infinite number of colors, sizes, shapes and finishes, so there is no limit to the beautiful, personalized designs to create. We can help you select a look that is tailored to your needs. We offer basic and custom tile floors for your home or office. We carry the top manufacturer products.

    Hardwood Floor Cost

    Are you wondering just how much a brand new hardwood floor would cost? The answer largely depends on a few different factors. Firstly, the type of material that you choose can greatly impact the overall cost. If you choose solid hardwood, you will pay quite a bit more than engineered, bamboo, or cork. The square footage that you need to cover will also impact your hardwood floor cost. The best way to get an accurate estimate is first to speak to a hardwood flooring expert at D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. We can sit down, explain your options, and match you with the perfect hardwood floor for your home or business.

    Hardwood Floor Installation

    Installation of a hardwood floor can seem a bit overwhelming. After all, you have to move everything that sits on the floor, find a place to put it, while still being able to function in your home. The stress of having hardwood flooring installed is exacerbated when your contractor isn’t showing up on time or isn’t acting professionally. You won’t have to worry when you hire the team at D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. We quickly and efficiently install your hardwood floor so you can get back to your daily life. Your quality floor will last through the years, acting as a beautiful, timeless background to your day. If you are interested in having our contractors perform your hardwood floor installation, contact our office!

    Engineered Hardwood Floor

    Engineered hardwood flooring provides a unique aesthetic in the modern home. The warm, natural look adds value to your already beautiful house. With a wide variety of finishes, species, and widths, engineered hardwood flooring is the perfect fit for almost any style. Engineered hardwood is also more resistant to moisture than solid wood, making it a good choice for houses built on slabs. No need to worry about scuffs — the material is quite durable.

    At D&R Floors & Home Solutions, we’ve worked with all manner of engineered hardwood. Our expert team understands how to correctly install and maintain wood, ensuring you receive the most out of your investment. People love engineered hardwood floors in a large part because they have few maintenance and cleaning requirements. There has never been a better time to invest in engineered hardwood flooring!

    Hardwood Floor Refinishing

    Whether you plan on selling your home or just want a fresh appearance, professional refinishing will make your floor look like new. If you have a bustling home, your floor has probably picked up scratches or scuffs. Hardwood flooring is elegant. It is typically low-maintenance and increases the value of a home. However, over time, foot traffic will wear anything down. Proper cleaning and maintenance can help, but professional refinishing makes all the difference.
    The typical refinishing job takes between three to five days for an entire residential home. The specific length depends on the type of flooring, how quickly your chosen contractor works, and the extent of the damage. At D&R Floors & Home Solutions, our high-quality work truly shines. See for yourself — get in touch today!

    Hardwood Floor Types

    With hardwood flooring, there are a few diverse types to consider. Remember, this is an investment. Your choice does matter, as well-maintained flooring can last for decades. You’ll want to explore the following options:

    • Unfinished Wood – Your installer will thoroughly sand and apply the necessary finish to your flooring before installing it.
    • Factory-Finished – The manufacturer applies the finish before this flooring arrives at your home. As a result, these floors require less installation time.
    • Solid Hardwood – Solid hardwood flooring planks are single pieces of wood – from top to bottom. The thickness varies, and the material can be installed above or on your grade. You’ll need to sand and refinish solid hardwood throughout the years.
    • Engineered Hardwood – Engineered hardwood is real wood, but the grain of veneer runs in various directions, which improves stability. This flooring is often sanded and refinished, and can be installed above, on. or below grade.

    Is a solid wood flooring better than an engineered wood floor?

    When you are installing a floor, most people have a budget for the project that they are sticking to. One of the most common questions we get is whether a solid floor is better than an engineered wood floor. The answer highly depends on how much you have to spend, and the durability and life span you are expecting of your floor. There have been advancements in the area of engineered wood, and most people would never know the difference. If you would like to save a bit of money, engineered floors are an excellent choice. Solid hardwood is a timeless option that ages beautifully over the years. If you ever sell your home, it is also a great element that can add considerable value to your home.

    Can we put hardwood flooring over an existing floor?

    Sometimes it is possible to install hardwood flooring over an existing floor. Installing a floor over an existing one is a good way to save time and money. However, it is important to note that it isn’t always the best method, especially if you have underlying structural issues like floor squeaking, cracking or damage to the underlying floor. The best way to determine if you can just lay hardwood over your existing floor is to have an experienced contractor come look at your flooring. They will be able to make suggestions and provide you with a price estimate for the process.

    Can we install hardwood flooring over radiant heating?

    Yes! Hardwood flooring can be installed over radiant heating. Of course, you’ll want a professional flooring specialist to handle the installation in order to cut down on risks and potential issues. Radiant heating, as you may know, provides extra warmth and eliminates any cold zones in your home. In a large house, this type of heating system is perfectly paired with hardwood for elegance and functionality. Over the years, we’ve installed many hardwood floors over radiant heating. Early systems were temperamental. They required experience and fine-tuning. Today, radiant heating technology has advanced to the point where we experience few issues during the installation process. Preferably, homeowners should have a “floating” engineered hardwood floor for their radiant systems. This will prevent contact and potential heating issues. You’ll want to speak with a flooring expert from D&R Floors and Home Solutions before moving forward!

    Driving Directions From Allen, TX to Our Location

    Driving Time By Car:  25 min via Sam Rayburn Tollway

    >> Get on US-75 N from N Allen Dr and Central Expy N

    Head west on W Main St toward Butler Dr, Turn right at the 2nd cross street onto N Allen Dr, At the traffic circle, take the 2nd exit and stay on N Allen Dr, Turn right onto Central Expy N, Use the left lane to take the ramp onto US-75 N

    >> Take Sam Rayburn Tollway to TX-121 S in The Colony. Take the exit toward Plano Pkwy/Paige Rd from Sam Rayburn Tollway

    Merge onto US-75 N, Use the right 2 lanes to take exit 38C for Sam Rayburn Tollway S, Merge onto Sam Rayburn Tollway, Take the exit toward Plano Pkwy/Paige Rd

    >> Take Morning Star Dr and N Colony Blvd to Elm St

    Merge onto TX-121 S, Turn right onto Morning Star Dr, Turn left onto N Colony Blvd, Turn right onto Knight Dr, Turn left onto Witt Dr, Turn right onto Elm St, D&R Floors will be on the right.

    Get the direction to our location in Map here.

    Are you ready for a new look in your home or office? At D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc., we understand your time is valuable and that your flooring is an investment. We will work around your schedule and even bring the showroom directly to you. D&R Floors and Home Solutions Inc. is fully bonded and insured. We have been members of the Better Business Bureau since 2004 and serving DFW since 1992.  Contact us today for your FREE estimate at 972-625-4100 and we’ll bring the showroom to you!
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