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    Deciding Between Hardwood Floors or Carpet in Your Dallas Home

    When building a house or redecorating a room, choosing the best flooring material can be a difficult decision. Carpet certainly offers a warm, soft appeal, but hardwood tends to embody a more pleasing aesthetic. The question is, which is best for your home?

    Here are some of the top pros and cons of each flooring material. Evaluate them, then decide which is the best fit for your Dallas home.

    Pros of Hardwood

    • They often make a room look more upscale with their shiny surfaces.
    • Wood floors have the ability to open up a space and make it seem bigger.
    • Hardwoods match anything, so even if you redecorate, your floors will suit any style.
    • You barely have to clean hardwood floors. A simple sweep or mopping will do the trick, and they won’t stain if you spill something on them.
    • Hardwood floors are known to promote better air quality and even help with allergies, which is a huge benefit here in North Texas.
    • Homes with hardwood floors tend to be worth more on the market.

    Pros of Carpet

    • Carpet is certainly more comfortable than hardwoods and provides a very different, more homey look.
    • Carpet is nice and warm for bare feet, even during the cold months.
    • Furniture and socked feet won’t slide around as much.

    Cons of Hardwood

    • Every footstep and noise in the house will echo, so if you’re trying to muffle sounds, carpet might be a better choice.
    • Scratches and dents can ruin the look of your floor.
    • They make keeping your home warm during the winter more of a challenge. Fortunately, Dallas has a relatively hot climate, but the area also sees its fair share of cold weather.

    Cons of Carpet

    • It can retain much more dirt than hardwood floors, even if you vacuum regularly.
    • Carpet floors must be replaced more regularly than hardwood floors.
    • If you spill something on a carpeted floor, there will probably be a stain.

    Still not sure which type of flooring is right for your home? Contact D&R Floors and Home Solutions today. They can walk you through the process of choosing a floor material, as well as installing it. Because they have been servicing the DFW area for years, they know exactly what materials will work best in your Dallas home. Schedule an appointment or learn more by calling 972-625-4100.

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