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    Cleaning Hardwood Floors With Vinegar

    Hardwood Floor Cleaning ServicesIf you have ever wondered the best way to clean your hardwood floors, a little white vinegar mixed with warm water will do just the trick.  At D & R Flooring, our experts can install beautiful wood floors in your home and provide maintenance tips including information on cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar.


    Cleaning floors with vinegar and water is easy, fast, and inexpensive. This all-natural mixture is toxin free, breaks down grime, and will not harm the finish on wood floors. If done correctly, it will not leave streaks and reside, which can be problematic when you need to refinish the floors later.

    Get the Proportions Right

    One of most important parts of cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar is to get the proportions of the vinegar and water mixture correct. The solution should be approximately ½ cup white vinegar per gallon of water.

    Mop it up 

    Before you begin to wash the floors, they should either be thoroughly vacuumed or swept.  One of the most important parts of hardwood floor care is to not use any more water than is needed to clean your hardwood floors. Too much water can cause the wood to warp and damage the floor. If you only plan to clean a small area, a sponge or cloth will work well.  When working on bigger spaces, a sponge mop is a good choice.  Either way, be sure that whatever is used fully absorbs the water off the floor so there is no standing water.

    When you invest in hardwood floors, you want them to last. Cleaning hardwood floors with vinegar is a way to ensure that they are well cared for and gleaming. If you have any questions about hard floors or want to learn more about keeping them well-maintained, don’t hesitate to contact us at D & R Flooring by calling 972-625-4100.

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