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The Different Types of Carpeting and How to Pick the Right Carpet for Your Space

Choosing the right carpet for your space is made easier once you work with a trusted team of professionals. From the layout of your chosen space to the foot traffic that the carpet will experience, the D&R Floors and Home Solutions team can help you make the right choice. Whether you are interested in exploring the benefits of […] Read More

Deciding Between Hardwood Floors or Carpet in Your Dallas Home

When building a house or redecorating a room, choosing the best flooring material can be a difficult decision. Carpet certainly offers a warm, soft appeal, but hardwood tends to embody a more pleasing aesthetic. The question is, which is best for your home? Here are some of the top pros and cons of each flooring […] Read More

How To Choose The Best Countertop Material

When you are remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, one of the most difficult decisions can be choosing a countertop material. The material can drastically change the feel of the entire room, as well as the durability of your countertops. Additionally, some countertop materials are more costly than others, so you’ll have to account for your […] Read More

Carpet vs. Wood Flooring — Which Is Right for You?

There are several advantages to choosing hardwood flooring over carpeting! Here are just a few. Hardwood Aesthetic value. Hardwood floors are simply unsurpassed when it comes to their aesthetic value. This type of flooring is always classically beautiful and stylish – not to mention, your house value will likely significantly increase after installation! Low maintenance. […] Read More

The Pros and Cons of Carpeted Floors

Just like with all flooring options, there are both pros and cons when it comes to installing carpeted flooring for your home. Here, we discuss both the benefits and disadvantages of carpeted flooring, to help you make an informed decision: The Pros There’s no doubt about it – carpeted floors provide a huge source of […] Read More

What Carpeted Floors Can Do For a Home’s Interior

Carpet has a bad reputation with some homeowners. We think that is because they’re only seeing the negative effects of having carpet in your home, like how it is so much harder to clean that hardwood or linoleum. However, we disagree with those naysayers. We instead feel that carpet floors can do wonders for a […] Read More

Simple Tips for Keeping Your Carpet Clean

It is important to keep your carpet clean. Unfortunately, it is the quickest to get dirty and more often than not, is difficult, if possible, to keep completely spotless. D&R Flooring offers these simple tips, you can keep your soft cozy carpet free of spots and stains. Remember to never leave the newly clean spots wet – always […] Read More

Best Way to Keep Carpets Looking New

When you get new carpeting, the feel, the great fresh look of it makes you want to smile every time you walk in the house. With everyday living: kids, pets, normal wear-and-tear, it can feel almost impossible to keep it looking new. There are a few really easy things you can do to keep your carpet […] Read More

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