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    Best Way to Keep Carpets Looking New

    Carpet CleanersWhen you get new carpeting, the feel, the great fresh look of it makes you want to smile every time you walk in the house. With everyday living: kids, pets, normal wear-and-tear, it can feel almost impossible to keep it looking new. There are a few really easy things you can do to keep your carpet looking fresh and new every day.

    Clean Stains Right Away

    Although it can be a pain to immediately clean a mess up, this will help any stain from setting in your carpet and making it impossible to get later. Make sure you have a good carpet cleaner on hand. If you would like a recommendation on the best carpet cleaning solution, ask your carpet professional that installed it. They are the best resource on what actually works. Right when a spill, or stain occurs you can put the solution immediately on it to prevent it from being a permanent mark on your beautiful carpet.

    Regular Professional Cleanings

    While professional cleanings can be pricey, they are certainly less than the expense of replacing your carpet every few years. Steam cleanings can help your carpet maintain the brand new look for longer and also it keeps your carpet free of dirt and dander that can affect you and your family’s health.

    Shoes Off!

    One easy solution to keeping your carpet nice and clean is preventing the dirt from getting on there in the first place. A good defense is a good offense. Request people who enter your home to remove their shoes before stepping on the carpet. This is more hygienic and will help keeping dirt, mud, and bacteria from being tracked in. Taking your shoes off before coming inside a home is practiced in many cultures and it also helps keeping your carpet looking great.

    If you would like more tips on how to keeping your carpet looking great, contact us at D&R Flooring 972-625-4100. We have flooring professionals that are happy to assist you.

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