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    Best Tips on Radiant-Heated Floors

    Summer Day TripsA radiant floor system has more than just aesthetics going for it. It’s also a highly efficient way to heat a Dallas home, increasing comfort as it reduces energy costs. If you’re thinking of installing a radiant-heated floor in your Dallas home, read one for some of our best tips on radiant-heated floors.

    Educate Yourself

    The more you know about radiant floor heating systems and how they work, the more effectively you can communicate your needs to the designer and installer.

    Understand How Flooring Affects Heat Transfer

    A radiant heating system must be designed to deliver enough heat to transfer it efficiently through the thickness of the concrete it’s embedded in and then through any floor covering placed on top of it. At the design stage, the radiant system professional should consider heat loss, the areas of the floor that might not be available for heat (due to installed items such as cabinets), and factors affecting resistance to heat transfer, such as floor coverings. Generally, radiant heating installed within a conductive medium, such as concrete or a cement-based overlay that also functions as the finished flooring, will transfer heat much more efficiently than a system installed under a subfloor or covered by another layer of flooring, such as laminate floor panels or carpet.

    Get The Right Controls To Run Your System

    To ensure optimal comfort and energy efficiency with radiant heating, you’ll need a control system that will evenly maintain the desired room temperature and maintain operating temperatures within the upper limits specified for the flooring type. If you live in a climate with modest heating needs and few major variations in temperature, your radiant system may run fine with a simple floor thermostat. However, homes that experience a lot of heat loss or located in climates with large temperature fluctuations will often require more sophisticated controls, such as a system with separate sensors to monitor outdoor temperature, the temperature within the floor slab, and room temperature.

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