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    Best Floors to Keep Your Home in DFW Warm During the Winter

    Ensure your home remains warm year-round with the right type of flooring.

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    During the winter, as temperatures begin to drop, more and more homeowners in the Dallas-Fort Worth area are spending their time indoors. Most of us are bundled up tight, hoping for warmer weather just around the corner. While it’s still cold outside, though, you need a solution for those freezing toes. Your flooring material makes a significant difference in keeping your home warm during the winter. Instead of opting for, say, stone, which soaks up the cold like crazy, consider another, warmer option.

    You may think that most flooring isn’t designed to be warm. But you may be surprised to hear that some flooring materials are designed to retain heat quite well.

    Top Flooring for Winter

    This winter, keep your feet warm by having the right type of flooring in each room. With the multitude of flooring solutions available today, chances are you’ll find the right material in the right color and style to suit your needs. For now, here are the warmest types of flooring in DFW:

    • Cork – Cork flooring is often referred to as ‘cold weather flooring’ as the material provides its own insulation naturally. Cork flooring may significantly reduce the money you spend on your heating bills each month. Furthermore, the material reflects heat, making the entire room feel warmer, too. Why? Well, the air bubbles within cork actually trap warmth inside.
    • Carpeting – Carpeting will long remain a popular choice amongst homeowners for the living room and bedrooms. Besides being comfortable, inexpensive, and aesthetically pleasing, carpeting provides immense warmth during the colder months of the year. Carpeting, like cork, provides natural insulation. The material has a natural cushioning that traps warmth in the material. The best thing about carpeting, however, is that it can be mobile. If you have ceramic tile flooring, for example, you can place down a rug or carpet to cover the tile for the time being.
    • Hardwood – You wouldn’t think hardwood would be warm, but it truly is. Now, hardwood flooring is not as warm as, say, cork flooring. However, the wood is warmer than stone or ceramic, and often less expensive than cork or under-floor heating systems. Furthermore, hardwood has the aesthetic appeal so many homeowners seek. It feels like luxury flooring.

    Keeping Your Home Warm With Hardwood

    Hardwood will remain a popular choice among homeowners. Not just for the warmth, though. Still, during the winter, hardwood can help your home retain heat. Here are a few tips:

    • Place down a rug. Doing so seems like a cheap tactic, but a rug will help the hardwood retain its heat while preventing moisture from the cold air from ruining the wood.
    • Refinish your floors. If your hardwood is extremely cold, chances are it requires another level of protection against the weather. Consider refinishing the hardwood flooring.
    • Close all doors and windows. Hardwood flooring is sensitive to moisture and lower temperatures, despite how well it remains warm.

    For flooring solutions year-round, call D&R Floors and Home Solutions at 972-625-4100.

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