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    5 Things to Keep In Mind Before Choosing Solid Hardwood Flooring

    Solid Hardwood FlooringSolid hardwood flooring is one of the most popular and attractive flooring options for homeowners. With so much variety in material and color, there is a hardwood to suit everyone’s tastes. Hardwood flooring can be a big investment, so there are some things you should know before you choose solid hardwood flooring.

    1. Composition

    Solid hardwood flooring is created by cutting directly into a solid log. The floor is installed by joining the tongue and groove along both the long and short edges. This differs from engineered wood, which is built in layers rather than one solid piece. Solid hardwood is a great choice for living rooms, bedrooms, and game rooms.

    2. Humidity

    Because wood expands or shrinks with temperature and moisture, it is important to put hardwood in areas that are dry and not prone to a lot of moisture. If you would like the hardwood floor look in an area that tends to get humid, you may want to consider engineered wood instead.

    3. Wood Type

    There are many different types of wood available for solid hardwood flooring. Some species are more durable than others. Red Oak is one of the most common choices for its overall durability. Other popular choices include: Hickory, Maple, and Walnut. Brazilian Cherry, Brazilian Koa, and Cumaru are more expensive but boast incredible hardness and therefore last longer than traditional choices.

    4. Color

    There is really no limit on the color of hardwood available. With all types of natural wood choices, stains, and finishes, you have the ability to match any home décor.

    5. Installation

    Hardwood floors need to be installed properly to last. While installation can be expensive, especially for unfinished floors, it is always worth it to have it done right the first time. Call a reputable contractor in your area for your hardwood floor installation.

    If you have any questions about solid hardwood floors, call D&R flooring at 972-625-4100 today! We would be happy to assist you.

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