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    5 Key Factors to Consider Before Choosing a Flooring Material

    factors for choosing a flooring materialThe right flooring design can pull together a room, creating the atmosphere that you want to see in your home. Selecting the right flooring, however, can sometimes be a challenge. Working with the right flooring store will allow you to compare the different options and select the material and design that will best suit your needs.

    Here are five factors to consider as you begin your search:

    1. The targeted price range

    Remember that different types of flooring will come with different price tags. Hardwood flooring, for example, will cost more than laminate floors. Before you make a decision, review your budget and the size of the room to see which flooring materials will be within your budget. Remember to also consider that even within one type of material, you can have considerable variation in price. Consider the range of prices you can find with options such as tile flooring.

    1. The use of the room

    Certain rooms in the house will see more activity. Consider the anticipated use of the room when making a selection. An area where children frequently play on the ground might work best with carpet flooring, while a dining room might require something more formal, such as hardwood flooring.

    1. The desired style

    Depending upon the material and color schemes selected, flooring will also greatly impact the style of the room. Laminate flooring will likely fit better with various types of furniture than tile flooring.

    1. The climate of your home

    Homeowners in different climates should also note how different flooring materials will fit with the environment. Ceramic tile tends to be cool, which will be desirable for hot regions, while carpet will be warmer to walk on, which those in cooler climates may prefer.

    1. Creating a comfortable atmosphere

    Above all else, look at the flooring type that will create the optimal comfortable atmosphere for your home. Think about the cleaning and maintenance needed, how you will use the room, and what willmake the space feel like “home” for you. Whether that is through wood floor installation or carpeting, think about the factors that will impact your daily comfort when making your decision.

    When it comes time to select the floor for your home, find a commercial flooring company you know you can trust, like D&R Floors. Your flooring contractor will work with you to ensure that your floor comes together exactly how you imagined it. Call us today at 972-625-4100.

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